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MA052X-2 Automatic Tobacco Barn Temperature & Damper Control

With the MA052X-2 we are revolutionizing the way your barns are controlled. This high-accuracy control device use the proven wet-blb/dry-bulb system. You will never need to change the way you understand what your tobacco is doing, you just gain control of it.

The MA052X-2 controls have been proven in the field for 15 years. All previous generations are completely downward compatible making service and parts readily available. Upgradeable for features and future applications makes the unit very flexible for any industry. The MA052X is manufactured to industrial specifications and standards. Most importantly the MA052X was designed with suggestions from tobacco growers and engineers.

There are many benefits of the MA052X-2 controller besides functionally replaceing all previous controls. The unit displays constant real-time temperature for both dry and wet bulb. The electronic advance makes raising your temperature accurate and easy and with the automatic damper control your tobacco will always be at the right moisture level. For peace of mind and extra security the controller has the ability to automatically restart itself from power loss, burner auto-restart (in the event of a burner misfire) and a 8F tracking alarm with a NC contact for existing alarm systems.

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