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The information on this page was compiled to help with field installations of the MA052X-2 Barn Controller. Below are pictures of some actual installations. Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them. If any information is missing or you would like to see further installs please contact us. Some controls shown in this section may have the optional wireless internet monitoring enabled. Installastions may vary slightly depending on conditions.


Long barn control location Long barn damper installation

The Long Barn installation is very straightforward. The only extra hardware needed is the black angle iron shown in the pictures. This allows a dependable mount for the damper.


Tharrington barn control location Tharrington barn damper installation

The Tharrington Barn requires special attention to the damper. Extra reinforcing is required for proper mounting.


Powell barn control location Powell barn damper installation

The Powell installation requires no extra hardware, but some ingenuity may be needed to re-assemble the linkage.