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Curing Schedule

Below is our recomended curing schedule. To download and print please click the link below.

Hours Dry Bulb Advance Rate Wet Bulb
0-24 90-100 1/HR 95
24-48 100-105 1/HR 102
48-72 105-120 1/HR 105
72... 120-165 1/HR 105 Lower Stalk
108 Upper Stalk

  • Do NOT leave 120 Dry Bulb until the tobacco is yellow
  • If you use curing gas, do so during 24-48 hour period
  • This schedule is tested and proven, some variation may occur depending on your tobacco
  • To attain proper Wet Bulb reading change wicks every cure
  • Proper Wet Bulb reading is critical to maximize fuel efficiency
  • Periodically check Wet Bulb accuracy with a hygrometer

To download a copy of this schedule, click here. Adobe© Acrobat© required.

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