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Curing is easy, with our proven products.

Mack Grady

Mack Grady has been the owner and operator of Cureco Inc. since day one. Being a tobacco farmer himself, Mack understands the needs and wants of the farmer. This helps him strive to deliver the best for you.

About us


At Cureco Inc. we saw a need in the tobacco industry. That need was for dependable service and products. When the law was passed requiring heat exchangers be installed in every barn, we released our first heat exchanging product. Starting from that point we grew to many facets of the tobacco industry.

Headquartered in Seven Springs, we service a large area of central North Carolina. This allows us to remain in close contact with most of the farms we service, allowing for fast, manufacturer grade quality service to all the products we sell. Never leaving the farmer in the dark when a problem strikes.



Mack Grady
128 Jerusalem Rd.
Seven Springs, NC, 28578

Phone +12525691714
Fax +12525691716

Curing Schedule

Below is our recomended curing schedule. To download and print please click the link below.

Hours Dry Bulb Advance Rate Wet Bulb
0-24 90-100 1/HR 95
24-48 100-105 1/HR 102
48-72 105-120 1/HR 105
72... 120-165 1/HR 105 Lower Stalk
108 Upper Stalk

  • Do NOT leave 120 Dry Bulb until the tobacco is yellow
  • If you use curing gas, do so during 24-48 hour period
  • This schedule is tested and proven, some variation may occur depending on your tobacco
  • To attain proper Wet Bulb reading change wicks every cure
  • Proper Wet Bulb reading is critical to maximize fuel efficiency
  • Periodically check Wet Bulb accuracy with a hygrometer

To download a copy of this schedule, click here. Adobe© Acrobat© required.

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